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September 16th, 2007, 18:19
Originally Posted by guest1 View Post
Aren't you two a bit naive?
Do you really want to deny that something like game addiction exists which can, like any other addiction, destroy friendships, relationships, families?

We're not talking about people who have gaming as their hobby but keep it in rational limits and are able to manage gaming and social life together.

Were talking about people who spend hours and hours in front of the computer and forget about anything in the real world. Yes I know we gamers dont like to talk about these people, and they may be a minority only, but its still an issue.

I personly know two examples. I have seen two rather close friends ignoring school and social life so that they could WoW instead. One got out of the obsession (to great amount due to his girlfriend) the other one is still waisting a majority of time on playing WoW.

If you have the luck that your partner likes these kinds of games and you can play them together, good for you. However, you can't expect that in most relationships. You can't expect everyone to become a full time passionate gamer for the sake of their partner.
All you can expect is for the non-playing partner to respect her friends/husbands hobby. But every relationship is give and take. So the other partner will have to limit his hobby to spend more time with his/her partner. If he doesn't do it, the relationship has a problem.
And I can imagine there are a lot of people who fail to do this. And I think that especially MMORPGs have a very high addiction-potential.

Weak people will always be weak. It has nothing to do with niavety, and more to do with the bell curve. On the far left you have the weaklings that are so pathetic as to let a game control and/or wuin their lives. The far right is people who are strong enough to not let anything control their life. And then you have the majority, the normal people, that make up the vast amount of the bell curve. Normal people's lives aren't ruined by games, neither are their relationships. Don't give exceptions as the rule. Weak people will always be weak, and will always be able to be used as pawns in dramatic examples. But the bell curve is still the bell curve, weak is weak, strong is strong, and normal is normal. Let's see the numbers. And it could be that weaker people are more prone to search for an escape, and thus more prone to be sucked into WoW, where as a very strong person has more important things to do or has their priorities laid out in such a way as to not play WoW even if very interested.

Either way, the fact is, no one normal with the least amount of will and/or sense of responsibility lets WoW get in the way of their other wants and desires to a significant extent. I play WoW when I get the chance. I don't raid because it takes too much time. If I was stronger or more responsible or had my priorites laid out in a more adult way I would spend my grinding time on WoW playing with or spending more time with my kid. I fall into the normal catagory. I play, I would like to play a lot more, but I am not retarded enough play any more.




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