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September 16th, 2007, 18:47
Obviously anything that dominates your life to the exclusion of basic normal productive activities is negative, and needs to be addressed. Some people hide from life in the bottle or the needle, some in self-destructive activities of other kinds. If that's your response to stress and reality, you will find something to help you avoid it regardless. But I think these are extreme cases and not the average gaming pattern.

Nobody talks about golf or sports fanatics as addicts, though many people are frustrated with their partner's level of involvement with those things. But computer gaming "addiction" is always a witch hunt.

What I see is people using their partner's gaming as an excuse to rag on them and put on the guilt trip, equating it with desertion and abandonment(from the article):

She disagrees and admits to worrying about his capacity for videogame addiction. After all, Bill once left her at a bar to play a Wolfenstein match. (For the record, he has since apologized and sincerely regrets ever having done such a thing.)
I've seen women left at bars for a variety of reasons, usually because being in a bar in the first place means drinking, and in shaky relationships, drinking and quarreling go hand in hand. Maybe he doesn't have to endure a bunch of yelling and nagging from the Wolfenstein group. Maybe he wants to play with the friends he's had for years simply because he gets more enjoyment from that than being in a bar.
I'm saying it's the relationship that's the problem, not the gaming.

I liked the way this guy put it:

For Houle, the mere characterization of incessant gaming as an addiction is reason for worry. That's a perception that needs to change.

"If you call gaming an addiction, the relationship is lost," Houle says. We would do better to define gaming as a problem instead, says Houle. Dealing with a perceived addiction is daunting, but finding a solution to a problem is much less intimidating.
Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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