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November 2nd, 2006, 13:30
I'm surprised you say that you can't trial WoW without buying a card. All of the EB Games stores i've been into in both New Zealand and Australia (read: Melbourne, which is where i now live) offer trial WoW CDs for about $10. With these CDs you can trial the game for 14 days without having to pay and, i believe, roll the game over to a full account using the same CD if you choose to do so. I suggest that you contact your local game store and see if a similar offer is available where you live.

But backtracking a minute to answer your question. Which is the MMORPG for you?

The answer sort of depends on the type of thing you look for in a MMO/RPG. Both WoW and EQ have their merits, and as you know advantages and disadvantages. I think, however, that it is fair to say that WoW is, on the whole, easier for players that are new to MMORPGs to get into. It also has significantly lower graphical overheads, which can be a concern for players on a limited budget, or with a mid-range system.

Running through your list i think i can give you positive responses to a couple of your questions as far as WoW goes. Crafting is available and there are a variety of different disciplines to choose from: mining, skinning, smithing, alchemy, armour and weapon crafting and the like. You can access a mount at certain levels in the game (some classes get a free one, others need to purchase them) that can be taken off the beaten track and is player directed.

Now the negatives. Player housing is, sadly, not available at this stage but the guild structure is fairly robust. Races and customisability is where things fall down a little. There is a limited number of races and visual options available to each character and little to choose from aside from skin colour, hair style and gender at character creation.

The rest. PvP is opt-in so you can choose to participate or not as your preference dictates. Since the addition of Battlegrounds (instanced combat zones) to the game the majority of PvP takes place "off the map" as it were so most of the PvE environment is relatively free from the sort of rolling mauls that (at least in my opinion) used to make the game fun and frustrating at the same time.

Grinding, is, regrettably a factor in pretty much every modern MMORPG to some extent and WoW is no different. That said, there is a decent variety of quests types that ameliorate the feeling of standing in the same place smacking X number of monster Y.

Auction House. Yep, and it's recently been expanded on to offer connected Auction Houses between all major cities.

Roleplaying. Pick an RP server and stick with those into roleplaying and you're golden. The rest of the time it's potluck just like any other MMORPG.

Storyline. WoW seems light on this to me, but then so do all MMORPGs. I'm hoping some of the upcoming games (Age of Conan) will help fix this.

Harsh death penalties. WoW has one of the lightest death penalties i've come across to date. Corpse runs are in, but experience loss is negligible.

Forms of fast travel. Pay to use winged mounts are available between most major destinations. Free zeppelins are available to the Horde and ships to the Alliance.

Hope that helps.
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