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September 17th, 2007, 00:55
CD Project has very good concept artists.
As for the races, pretty standart high fantasy. Thats Sapkowski though. What makes his world special is not creating something entirely new, but take established concepts and present them in a new and unexpected way.

Love how the noble elves basicly turn out to be ruthless guerrila terrorists. They are fight against their human conquerers seems somewhat of a righteous cause, yet the elves themselves weren't any different when they conquered the land from the Dwarfs. Very interesting.

The author of the article fails to describe any "special" aspects of the other races though, so gnomes and dwars sound pretty much like standart fantasy. I think the game will show that there's more to them though. Like the gnomes being discriminated and persecuted scapegoats in a human-dominated society.




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