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November 2nd, 2006, 13:18
Heh, I can imagine that was immersion breaking indeed.

Shalebridge cradle and Ocean house are two very good
examples for me too.

Clive barker's undying is also very effective (especially them damn Howlers).

F.E.A.R also I like a lot due to my japanese horror fixation probably
(I know its corny and most of its devices feel like a cop out but I am
into still) Havent played the expansion yet…

HL2's ravenholm was more "cool" rather than scary imo…

Oh how could I forget… Phantasmaghoria Definately (#1 mostly)

CoC : Dark Corners of the Earth had its moments too (especially
with the little girl. Nice treat this game for us lovecraft lovers btw
gameplay wise could do better though).
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