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November 2nd, 2006, 13:21
Thank you for your elaborate reply. You awnsered a lot of my concerns, your reply really helped.

I don't mind grinding upto a certain extend, but excessive grinding does get boring, especially when the returns (in XP or loot) are minimal. As long as grinding is broken by quests and other things (like grinding and getting crafting materials at the same time for example) i do not mind.
It sounds like a lot of things on my wishlist are adressed in WOW, and the 10 dollar trial card sounds very tempting. I will look out for one of those trial WoW CDs, that sounds like a very good option

I know WOW has and expansion coming up in January, is that high-end gameplay content, or would a newbie like myself need it as well?

and I understand EQ2 has several addon packs, do I need all of those as well straight away to play?
I would love to hear the EQ2 side of things as well.
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