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September 17th, 2007, 16:22
I think those who buy ME and think that it is a third person shooter will be really disappointed. It is an RPG, a roleplaying game, in which your dialogue choices directly affects how, when, ehy& whom you can talk to throughout the game.

People expecting a shooter game like Gears of War should go play this game instead of playing Mass Effect. They probably won't understand that in order to hit properly with a small gun or use a certain skill you need to invest skill points into these skills&abilities.

I don't why Ray&Greg let their marketing department persuade Bioware into focusing on the shooter elements of the game, and the default Jack Bauer in space Dirty Harry type Shepard. Maybe Bioware hopes to get guys who are like this to play Mass Effect? Or thinks that all guys who play FPS games would like to see Shepard punch several people out, or something along tese lines?

Bioware needs to focus more in its roots in the RPG-community, I feel. Or else Bioware will go the way of Black Isle - and that would really be a shame…
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