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September 17th, 2007, 18:39
I took it as being like Jade in the sense that the target audience is meant to be a combination of RPG players and action gamers -- although in Mass Effect's case, the action gamers would be the Halo/Rainbow Six crowd, not the fighting-game crowd.

We'll see if that strategy is successful. It has a much stronger RPG layer than Jade did -- or, perhaps better to say, in Mass Effect, the combat is difficult enough that people who just dump their points anywhere and don't play to their class's strengths are going to die an ugly death (unlike in Jade, where combat was designed by orders not to be that difficult).

In a perfect world, the action-shooter crowd plays it like an action game, and it's really hard for them (which they like), and the RPG crowd plays it while pausing to target and carefully allocating points, and it's a bit easier for them (and the plays-RPGs-and-action-shooters group plays it any way they like, and it's probably still challenging for them).

We'll see how it turns out. I'm no longer on the project, but the last few times I saw combat, it was shaping up really nicely.
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