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September 17th, 2007, 18:53
Thanks, Tom Ohlefor the info on the book.

I liked the short story, seeing how these conflicts are presented I hope that CD Projeckt can maintain the possible neutrality seeming available in conflicts, in the dialogs.

I am sort of worried, the most popular example is the one with the "weapons cache" which is been overrun with monsters, as an example.
It doesn't sound like we will have neutral options, either we let the Dwarves and Elves take the weapons or kill them, from what little info we have been given.

Secondly if the prospect of either choice causes a death of a NPC, a questline and a group of innocents, how is this the lesser of two evils.
Then, why say your setting it as a future effect to prevent Saving and Reloading, when the choices are equal?

It's not that my hesitation comes at the cost of interest in the game, mostly just curiosity since it has been a big deal in the lead up, heck, even if it's just PR and still a good or possibly great game, that's fine too.

I regards, I would have wanted the option of not jumping into action, as a neutral choice, if the short story was a quest, in game.
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