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September 19th, 2007, 19:58
What Razgul said. You don't have a good/evil meter. You have two separate bars which track how people perceive you. It's more reputation than alignment.

Subtle differences, but important.

You don't get to be evil in this game. You're pretty much out there saving the universe one way or the other. You just get to choose whether you're stopping to help the helpless along the way.

(And frankly, I like the way that the reputation stuff was handled. In KotOR, turning down the assassination quests meant turning down content, and I hated not being able to do content because it would give me Dark Side points. In Mass Effect, you never lose points. You can take a more mercenary quest if you want, and you'll gain some Renegade points, but you won't lose any Paragon points, and you can still, most importantly, DO THE QUEST if you want.)
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