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September 20th, 2007, 02:39
Soldak has kicked up a v1.001 patch for Depths of Peril, with a beta of 1.002 also available. You can grab both files from their Patches page and here are the notes for 1.001:
fixed crash when moving around skill icons that have use hints
fixed after are parents typo
added DEP issue to troubleshooting in manual
added AC 97 driver stuff to troubleshooting section in manual
fixed some problems when both enemies have damage on hit effects
added tool tip for covenant aggression
shifted editor tile layout over a bit
fixed some collision issues in crystal type cave
now subtract 1900 from zip files year to match normal file system
fixed not building uncompressed textures if needed
can no longer sell bags with items in it
fixed a crash in skill mastery stuff
fixed mastery skills effecting the wrong skills
now clicking on covenant health bar uses/attacks that covenant's lifestone
added disable party member dialog option
More information.
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