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September 20th, 2007, 02:24
OK, so it isn't evil to shoot someone cold dead when he has surrended. I think it is.
And nearly all humans on this planet, think it is. But now we know where the whole Jack Bauer in space thing comes from. From this. Just get the job done, no matter how manu innocent people get hurts along the way. Didn't humanity already try this? And didn't that mean we would lose our humanity ?

If making these Jack Bauer type choices means that the story deals with this, then I would be happy since this would be seriously good writing. However, somehow I doubt it…

I'm sorry for being so harsh on this, but I reallt do think that people have misunderstood the whole military concept. Most military personal are not trigger happy or excited about the use of escessive force. They are trained to use the appropriate amount of force necessary to get the job done, and always use as little force as necessary to get the objective completed.
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