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September 20th, 2007, 06:59
While 1.001 looks like it's just a quick bugfix, 1.002 looks like a big balance patch.


* capped max stalker levels to 1 in Grimalkin Forest
* thickened influence/power comparison lines
* thickened relation lines
* fixed defense magic enhancements not working correctly
* updated copyright year on main menu
* fixed another reflected damage problem with on hit skills like Major Fire Imbued
* narrowed relation range a bit so relation line colors would be a little more distinct
* now show exact relations with covenants when you highlight a covenant's icon
* now add hate to guards when lifestone is damaged
* now recruits and other ai will have health and power (faith/mana) maxed on level up
* fixed crushing blow not working correctly on weapon with higher min than max damage
* added a hints help topic after tutorial
* rearranged equipment and character screen some to overlap less
* F11 now defaults to recruit in your party
* now weight player/recruits more in power calculations
* added unidentified overlay icon
* enemy covenant should no longer be in lead for a recruit if they don't want him/her
* fixed getting back too much xp debt from soulstones when near max xp debt
* space can now buy and sell items
* armor now only applies to physical damage part from physical attacks
* added QWERTZ keyboard support

Two weeks after release. Man that's quick. Troika never addressed the balance issues in Arcanum, even months after release. Definitely picking this up on payday.
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