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September 21st, 2007, 08:59
I do that sometimes. Good policy with bands that have extensive catalogs and/or have undergone serious lineup changes. No time like the present to drop in on them. Just be careful and read a few trusted review sources first, the latest and greatest tend to be the most expensive as well!

Some bands, if i dont particularly latch on to their newer stuff, I throw on the brakes and get the very first thing they put out. Like Opeth's "Orchid", having some fun with that one right now, it's pretty good actually.

It looks like their newest AF one being pushed is titled simply After Forever. I cant vouch for it purrsonally tho, only heard samples, but what Ive heard actually sounds pretty cool to me. Sounds like theyve got the synths and sopranos going, and I hear some pretty nice non-death distorted vocals goin on too!

All I can say with definite warning beware of the mid-career EP "Exordium", it's pretty bad. The version of Maiden's "evil that men do" is atrocious! No wonder I got it for like 5 bucks!
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