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September 21st, 2007, 15:20
Could we maybe keep spoilers off the front page? Particularly details which are meant to surprise the player, like the bit about the Plane of Shadow. I appreciate spoiler warnings on links, but in this case I saw it after I'd read the quote.
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
Well, unless this one utterly bombs, I doubt it's the last. They've spent a lot of time and money correcting and polishing, putting in this and that etc, plus I think I've heard it said that the guys at Obsidian call MotB "NWX1".
It makes sense they would build on these improvements for future projects (and future $$$). If it follows the pattern of the NWN1 expansions though, I doubt they'll start you at level one---might have to wait for NWN3 for that.
They're not following the pattern of the NWN1 expansions. Shadows of Undrentide started you at level one. A new start at a low level (not necessarily one) also seems likely for NWX2. If Mask of the Betrayer leaves you somewhere in the thirties, there's really nowhere left to go after that. You've picked up all of the interesting class abilities you're going to get, and you're tougher than just about anything in Faerūn. I can't imagine them expecting us to grind myrmyxicuses and other Fiend Folio content we've never heard of.
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