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November 2nd, 2006, 18:57
Hi TXA, fancy meeting you here

that article was hilarious, hehe.

At the moment the time commitment doesn't scare me. I'm a staying-at-home mum, and housework only fills so much of my day Yet I prefer to actually be there for the little one when she comes home from school and during her holidays (2 months in te summer here, 2 weeks at christmas and Easter, and many more inbetween) until she's a bit older, so I have some time to spare.

I've seen with Guild Wars how addictive online games are, but I also know I can walk away and cook dinner or give quality time to my family whenever I want to, it's not a problem for me.
hence the question about the big raids, I do not really want to go AFK during a long mission and leave people in a lurch, yet at the same time, I will shut down my PC at any time to play with Barbies, if the situation arises. So short missions appeal to me the most, and a fair amount of solo play for when I am on at odd times or only have half an hour before my washing machine is done

I will get NWN2 if the player reviews are positive, I got burned with Oblivion, and won't buy a game right at release again. I'll give it a while, that way the first patches will be out as well

I'm starting to lean towards Wow, I asked on another site as well, and they recommended it over there as well. I'll pick up a trail Cd tomorrow
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