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November 2nd, 2006, 21:01
I've noticed that the WoW trial is no longer free here (US), too. Its 14 days for the price of the disk (don't need a subscription card), and 1.99 will get you the CD at most any store that sells games, but c'mon…don't they make enough money as is?

To do more than gripe - Inauro is right, there are strengths and weaknesses to both games in terms of what you describe what you are looking for. He gave a ton of info on WoW, and I agree with most everything he said.

I've played both games extensively, and I enjoyed both of them. (I actually quit WoW because I started to play TOO much, and my newborn son/wife were feeling the hurt.)

WoW has pretty much everything you are looking for, and also has everything you aren't. So does EQ2, if you don't mind looking for it a bit harder. Crafting in WoW is ok, but once you've gotten a taste of crafting in EQ2 or others games (Ryzom), it's only fair to good, not great. Too simplistic for my taste.

EQ2 wins the race/customizable character competition as well. Mounts are expensive in both, but when I was playing WoW, I had to save gold for 10 levels AND have a friend lend me cash to buy one in a reasonable time. Not so much in EQ2. Housing is entirely EQ2 again - very available, extremely customizable, and you can set up your house to operate as a store as well, even when you aren't online. Not so much in WoW - only the auction house there.

Both games have a huge amount of content. I honestly never felt I was seriously grinding in either - until I got to the higher levels in WoW. Both games literally have so much, you will never see everything with a single character.

EQ2 was a bit friendlier in the long run for soloing, but like any game, the best equipment will only be gained through group encounters. However, for me, the instanced content (dungeons, etc.) for small groups was far better in WoW - just had more fun with it.

As far as roleplaying and storyline that you are a part of - you aren't really gonna get that in any of the mainstream games, if at all. Most MMOs don't deserve the subcategory of RPG, because people just tend not to roleplay. It was rare to find a good roleplay group that was consistent in either game, even on the RP servers. If you find one, stick with them TIGHT, cause you might not find another. Being a part of the storyline, having an effect on the world - sorry, not going to really, truly get that anywhere. What you saw in Guild Wars is about the extent at this point in time. There is a ton more content in both games, but you're doing the same stuff everyone has - that's just the nature of this genre in the here and now.

In terms of everything else on your lists, EQ2 is pretty much the same is Inauro describes WoW. Here's the thing, though. WoW is a massive timesink. If you want to keep up, even in a small way, you'll find yourself putting a lot of time in. And in terms of long-term commitment, WoW has two flavors of endgame (in my experience) - PvP or Raids - neither of which you expressed most interest in. Granted, it'll take time to get to the endgame, but once you get there…that's about it. EQ2 felt like less of a timesink (in a relative sense), but I have to be honest and state that I never got as close to the endgame in that world.

Hope this help. What's with the long posts from me? Badger is rubbing off…
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