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September 23rd, 2007, 06:26
Originally Posted by txa1265
Bioshock is a shooter *only*, definitely not a RPG on any level
I missed this and have had to not read most topics and threads to avoid spoilers, since the day picked up Bioshock my video card failed.
So until my card is repaired, returned and/or I go crazy and buy a nice mid level card till my is returned.

However I have been able to read non story spoiler reviews and I can talk about what little I know, if everyone could avoid Story spoilers, I don't mind other types like we get the nuke catapult in chapter 3.

First of this comes down to what you call an RPG and (iirc) you consider something like Diablo an RPG, but not Bioshock, confuses me.
Diablo has rudimentary stats, (3 or 4 at the most), quest and inventory.
Bioshock has deep and diverging story which is effected by player choice(s) in the game(even if it's based on one choice it's an optional ending), quest, tonics (which instead of stats, is used for the same purposes, only a different method of application) and inventory (maybe not accessible like Diablo but not necessary in the same sense, of constantly upgrading weapons and armor isn't needed).

Originally Posted by txa1265
Because they are shooters and don't belong here. Bioshock has gotten a 'pass' due to the people and the lineage.
Well maybe for you, but so far you haven't provided any substantial reasoning for your position, which was the point I was trying to make, is not a good idea for the community, imo.

Originally Posted by Maylander
it is definetly not an RPG
How about you got any non Story spoiler examples of this?

Maybe I missed a non spoiler Bioshock thread about why this is or is not a RPG?
Or if you guys would perfer starting a non spoiler thread about this that's fine too.
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