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September 23rd, 2007, 12:08
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
First of this comes down to what you call an RPG and (iirc) you consider something like Diablo an RPG, but not Bioshock, confuses me.
Diablo has rudimentary stats, (3 or 4 at the most), quest and inventory.
Bioshock has deep and diverging story which is effected by player choice(s) in the game(even if it's based on one choice it's an optional ending), quest, tonics (which instead of stats, is used for the same purposes, only a different method of application) and inventory (maybe not accessible like Diablo but not necessary in the same sense, of constantly upgrading weapons and armor isn't needed).
The tonics aren't something like stats, because you can change them anytime if you want. They are upgrades just like weapons, and you don't call a shooter an RPG just because you get stronger weapons, do you?
The "quests" are for storytelling only, just like every shooter has mission descriptions. The inventory isn't anything more than that of other shooters.

The "deep" story of Bioshock isn't that deep (IMHO), and Jedi Knight offers choices, too, but nobody would call it an RPG.

Really, Bioshock is not an RPG.
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