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September 23rd, 2007, 14:06
That's your prerogative and that's fair enough. A couple of points I will make, though.

First, in my opinion there isn't a single NWN2 module that even comes close to the content in this (or many other Spiderweb games, for that matter). Not a single one has the sheer content, none of them are as interesting to explore and few, if any, have a story as good with two entirely separate campaigns.

As for not accepting indie games can't do decent graphics - that's fine. I'll wait here while you compile me a list of complete indie CRPGs with 60-80 hours of quality content that I can play right now - preferably rock stable and bug free like Nethergate. There are a couple you might list, but isn't many and they all have their own significant flaws.

I'm a huge fan of AoD -- but it isn't out, none of us know how good it really is (or isn't) and we don't know if their model is financially viable.

If VD reads this, he'll agree. Spiderweb has proven their model works for over 10 years. That isn't to say AoD or Eschalon or TBH may not come along and prove it can be done better but only time will tell.

Nethergate isn't the best example (and Jeff knows that - it was a cheap conversion) but, honestly, Geneforge 4 has a perfectly fine interface and the graphics simply aren't that bad. You're missing out on some great content if you can't see past the graphics.
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