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September 23rd, 2007, 18:57
Originally Posted by Hindukönig
The tonics aren't something like stats, because you can change them anytime if you want. They are upgrades just like weapons, and you don't call a shooter an RPG just because you get stronger weapons, do you?
Afaik, Tonics boost stats in the same since as an RPG but you can change them out, so is an RPG not an RPG to you because you can change shuffle your stats as you want?
Weapon upgrades are no different than player stat upgrades, are they?
It's usually a progression of benefits with some possible negative side effects.

Both these bring to mind DX2, which was one of the first to use changeable upgrades, unless I am missing something.

The "quests" are for storytelling only, just like every shooter has mission descriptions.
So you mean there are no side quests, RPG is not an RPG without side quest?
I love doing side quest but not sure they are necessary to be an RPG, if your telling a story and you are able to build everything around your story, small are loarge quest shouldn't that be enough?

The inventory isn't anything more than that of other shooters.
Really trying to understand here, but I don't see an inventory as necessary, sure it can be a fun element, afaik this was sort of an experimental game design.
KLevine has mentioned they are trying to listen to suggestions, which they seem to have done in the past games, so no reason to doubt him, atm, imo.

The "deep" story of Bioshock isn't that deep (IMHO), and Jedi Knight offers choices, too, but nobody would call it an RPG.
Yes I did hear that it seemed dumbed down and as all most every title developed on the PC and console has suffered this horrible fate.
Console gamers are previewed, rightly or wrongly as not very demanding gamers and as long as m$ is trying to build up it's portfolio by dumping millions if not 10s of millions in the hands of PC developers to make console or console exclusives, I don't see this changing.

I can only hope KLevine did this to help insure the success of the game, which Irrational has long deserved a major success.
I hope it gives them the strength to make more and better games, think I can live with a watered down Action/RPG/Adventure hybrid game.

JK didn't have any type of Stat boosting system, nor did it have any upgrades only a few powers, iirc.
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