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November 2nd, 2006, 22:29
Ive read just the opposite, that D&D online isnt very solo friendly at all.

I would recommend WoW purrsonally. I played it for like 2 months pretty much solo, then moved into a guild later on. It was easy to get the hang of, and you are able to move around to harder areas if you want, I always end up fighting things just a tad tougher or fight multiples to keep things interesting. Played it about 6 months or so 'til I started getting bored and my guild moved on to goals that I was not interested in, and also felt it was time to start chipping away at the singleplayer games that had been stacking up on my desk the entire time. So I quit for the time being, my characters in stasis awaiting my return.

It was a fun time tho, and i am thinking of re-logging back in lately, most certainly when the expansion hits. Alot of people diss WoW or MMORPGs in general, but I strongly believe that you create your own experience within them, it's up to you how you want to play the game.

The solo potential in WoW is pretty good, but mind you that this also depends on the class you pick as well. Pick the Hunter for what is in my opinion the best solo class, and later on if you want to get into big dungeons delvings with a large group youll find that you and your pet can be a very powerful part of the group. Ive played other classes, but I always end up coming back to my Hunters (I have a couple of them specced different!)

My little sister who is 12 and has never played anything other than the Sims before recently picked up WoW and did just fine with it, so i think it's safe to say that it's pretty forgiving to newbies to the game and genre itself.
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