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November 2nd, 2006, 22:37
Thank you for the long post, rheric, there is a lot of useful information there
I will see what the price is like for both games, and might try them both out if I can pick them up cheap. (I'm terrible at making decisions, hehe)

txa, from what I've read D&D Online has no solo content to speak off, and compared to other MMORPGs has not a lot of content either. It has cut out certain classes (like Druids and monks) and races (like Gnome and half-elf) and a very low level cap of 10 (which a lot of people reached in the trial period). The whole game is set in one city, and the sewers and dungeons underneath it, with no content outdoors (like forrests or plains).
most of what I read didn't sound too promising, or appealing for that matter. Which is too bad, because I am familiar with the D&D universe, and would have loved to play there.
I've read several reviews, all of them stating similar issues. I don't know if these issues got resolved over time, but the lack of info, updates and forum threads doesn't bode well…
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