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November 2nd, 2006, 23:46
I only played the DDO beta, so take these comments with that in mind.

If you aren't a "good player" as you describe above, don't even touch DDO. It's a waste of your money - the combat system is complicated and very tricky, takes a lot of practice, and has a VERY steep learning curve. I liked the world, liked the graphics, didn't mind the solo-unfriendly nature even, but I quit after a few days of the beta because the combat/movement/control schema was so damned difficult the game was downright NOT FUN.

I, too, have heard that there is a lot of new solo content, as Turbine realized you can't isolate such a huge population of the gaming crowd…but still, whether or not I can solo at all doesn't matter if I don't have fun playing the game.

Another thing to consider, Sorcha - the power of your machine. If you don't have a pretty good machine, don't bother with EQ2. Its a beautiful game if you can set the detail levels high enough (I actually far prefer the more realistic graphics and design over WoW's cartoony style). But if you can't pull the graphics off, the game loses a lot of its appeal (at least, i thought so running it on two different machines).
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