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November 3rd, 2006, 00:19
txa: no, Guild Wars has a level 20 cap for all campaigns, and the two expansions reach this cap even quicker then the original. This is mainly to even things out for PvP players, and the same with the gear. You can reach max level, weapons and armors very early on in the game, so you can jump into PvP straight away. The only difference is that you have less skills then people who've played the whole PvE campaign, but in both expansionhit.s you can just go out and buy those skills.
The developers have stated that the level cap will stay in place, because succes in Guild Wars is based on strategy and player skill, not level and items.
There is a lot of PvE content, but emphasis is on PvP, even though a lot of people I know play the game without doing any of the PvP.

rheric, thank you for the info on DDO, I am defenitely going to pass on this. I will pick up NWN2 most likely eventually for my D&D fix

Saga of Ryzom is sci-fi, isn't it? I might download the trail version and take a look at that as well. I had a quick look at the site, and it loks very pretty.

I updated my system earlier on in the year to play Oblivion, which it ran well on the lower settings, so EQ2 shouldn't be a problem. The graphics in WoW are my one big gripe with the game, I don't really like the cartoony style. However, it seems less bad in videos then in screenshots, so maybe it looks better in action, so to speak. Also, I have learned over time that graphics are less important then gameplay. If the graphics are good, but the gameplay is lacking, there is still no fun to be had, whereas graphics (even though they can add to the immersiveness) don't matter as much is the game is fun
Still, I can't see myself creating a Night Elf, those ears just look too odd
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