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September 27th, 2007, 05:12
News from Rob McGinnis on the official NWN2 forums about some difficulty they are having with the different code versions in NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer, hence, v1.07 will be renamed 1.10 and a further patch for vanilla NWN2 will follow after the release of MotB:
With the MoTB release imminent, we have been taking a look at the 1.07 patch and how it interacts with MoTB.

Many of you have seen already that we have been slowly bringing the code forks together now, so that the NWN2 patches are compatible with MoTB.

Patching the game is always a difficult process. When one thing is fixed, other things break. So, with that in mind we had to make a decision about how to handle the 1.07 patch with the MoTB release.

What we have decided is that, the 1.07 final patch will be "reversioned" to become 1.10. The 1.10 final patch will contain only data fixes from 1.07. It will not contain any programming fixes that are not already in 1.07. This means that some things, such as stealth, while they are fixed for us, may not be fixed in 1.10 for you. This is to make sure that when you have your copy of MoTB installed, the patch won't break it unnecessarily.

Now, for those of you that purchase and install MoTB, you should see all the fixes right away - including stealth - as they are "native" to that code. But for those of you that don't have MoTB, the fixes will be finalized in the patch after the MoTB release.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but feel this is the safest course of action for all players.
And some further clarification:
Basically, unless it is a data issue (2da or TLK files), things that are broken in the 1.07 patch will remain broken in 1.10. We will not remove features from 1.07.

Players that have MoTB installed should be able to play on NWN2 PW/MP servers, but NWN2 players will not be able to play on MoTB servers.

MoTB contains all the patches from 1.00 to 1.10. You can install MoTB on top of a fresh NWN2 install and it will bring you current.
Speaking of v1.07, WarCry has a list of the DM Client fixes in this last patch.
Thanks, Lucky Day!
More information.
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