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September 29th, 2007, 15:15
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
OK, Handhelds are a very typical young audience gadget, even more than consoles right?
What makes you think so? I have no idea who (age group-wise) is buying handhelds either but I do have my doubts that the handheld buyers are significantly younger than console buyers.

We all know from our dear developers, that turn based games don't sell to the young audience, right? Yet apparently turn based games sell just dandy on handhelds. Riddle me this?
I think we're just seeing the same thing here as we did with PCs in the early/mid 90s. The hardware on handhelds is still kinda limited so turn-based is sort of a workaround to overcome the weaknesses of the hardware. And I do believe that turn-based sells on handhelds because people just don't have much of a choice. If/when someone makes Diablo, WoW and shooters look and work decently on a handheld is when we will see turn-based handheld games suffer the same fate as they did on the PC but until then it looks like turn-based games will continue to be popular on handhelds.
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