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Default Just got MotB… and it didn't install correctly

September 29th, 2007, 17:08
Thanks--I'd prefer to begin the expansion with my sorc. It's unusual for me to finish a game, but I did manage with NWN2 so by god I want to milk the most out of it.

I have my preorder in and am waiting patiently..more or less. I'm glad to hear things are shaping up well. I think I've stated before my opinion that Obsidian has never actually made the game they're capable of making and I have a feeling this just may be the one where the talent there comes into its own. There were flashes in the OC where you could feel that under the surface there was great potential--especially in the writing and story--but for me the camera and AI and party mechanics and all the little imperfections kept it from being That Game.

The setting sounds alive, also. Greatly looking forward to this one. Keep us posted.
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