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September 29th, 2007, 18:16
Exhaustive or exhausting?

As for handhelds, the world has changed quite a bit …
- The DS has sold more than 50 million as I note here. It is the fastest selling console of all
- The PSP has sold nearly 25 million systems - more than the XBOX or GameCube.

- The target audience for the PSP is pretty much 'console standard' - 16 - 24 single males. The DS is broadband targeted, but has wide appeal to non-gamers and kids as well as adults.

- The top selling PSP software are the two Grand Theft Auto games, a Need for Speed game, T-rated hack-n-slash Monster Hunter games, Star Wars Battlefront, SOCOM … in other words, the same stuff that sells on consoles. T and M dominated.
- The DS top sellers have Pokemon, Nintendogs, Mario Kart, Brain Training and so on.

As for turn-based games, the excellent DS strategy games Advanced Wars DS and Age of Empires: Age of Kings both did very well. (oh yeah, and Pokemon) And on the PSP there hasn't been a solid turn-based strategy game yet, everything has been mediocre and not done well. The turn-based RPG's have done pretty well on both platforms - Final Fantasy games or that style in particular.
-- Mike
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