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September 30th, 2007, 08:38
You will find it challenging as a Sorc, especially if you play with hardcore rules. I had gotten used to pretty much wading through any fight with my carefully-constructed war machine, but there's already been one or two fights that actually took three or four attempts, some planning, and careful use of the party's strengths to beat. (My tank has nearly 400 hit points, typically deals 100+ points of damage a round, and the first time I got into one of those fights he lasted for all of two rounds while getting one of his three enemies to Barely Injured. Ouch.)

I was surprised -- initially frustrated, but then quickly pleased as it turned out that the challenges were beatable through some tactical choices (esp. in spell use) rather than just "throw 'em all in and pray." There's still a bit too much "filler fighting" going on IMO, but some of the fights are more interesting than just "here's another mob of evil-looking beasties for you to slice and dice, have fun."

If you're playing as a sorc, you will face at least some of these fights without a tank. That will not be easy; I fear you may give up in frustration too early. I hope you have Tenser's Transformation or Shapechange at least…
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