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September 30th, 2007, 18:25
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Well as examples I doubt well ever see real simulators(not arcade shooters with outside views), RTS or grand strategy games in consoles. Basicly all games with joystick/lots of controls/extended mouse UI are excluded.
I doubt that some types of games that appear on PC will ever see a console equivalent, but there are plenty of RTS and strategy games released on console. Some would say they control like crap, but I've seen reviewers say that it works. I don't know, but if you're creative with your UI design, a lot is possible.

As for pc it has gamepads (and console emulators even) so there are no limitations. Even those console games that are not released for pc can be played through emulator sooner or later.
I'd like to see you emulate Xbox 360 or PS3… or even Xbox. There's no stable PS2 or Xbox emulator as far as I know. But this misses the point. When I want to play on my Xbox 360, I switch it on with my gamepad from my couch and go through my Xbox 360 dashboard interface on my 37" widescreen LCD screen to start whatever game, demo, video, mp3, and it works, easy and fast. It's a whole different ballpark.
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