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September 30th, 2007, 17:41
Yep. And Mordenkainen's Sword. Though with Khelgar I rarely had to use them. I think I have some elemental summons as well, which may prove useful.

Also, being a big sissy, I play on Normal. Mostly because I don't see much roleplaying value in frying my party by accident (I'm a great sorceress, not an amateur, you know) and like the greedy, impatient child I am, I want max hit points on levels without reload and automatic spell learning on any wizard passing through.

I'm gad to hear there will be plenty of tactical combat going on, actually, as that's my favorite part in any rpg, BUT I do remember how devastating the fights in NWN2 were which propelled you directly into combat without your carefully chosen party--there was one instance where you're thrown into a major spellcasting battle out in the desert somewhere with just Qara and the Gith cleric (neither of whom I had used at all previously) and I had to shed my sorcerous dignity and repeatedly run away like a roach from a can of Raid. Eventually beat it, but not without a few sizable failures first.

Still combat like this is one of the things D&D games do the best, and I really liked the way the battles ramped up in intensity toward the end of NWN2. Far from finding it frustrating ( most of the time ) I look on it as a chance to really make full use of the skill system, to punish the AI enemy who so richly deserves it, and to hone my vocabulary of profanity.

Hopefully, I'll be able to take the punishment here.
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