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October 1st, 2007, 13:42
The game is a bit annoying to patch. You can install MotB on a virgin NWN2 (I did), but apparently all of the campaign (data) fixes may not make it in that way. It seems the recommended way to go is…

(1) Install NWN2.
(2) Run the autopatcher, and let it patch the game to 1.10. (S-l-o-w.)
(3) Install MotB.

If you do buy and install MotB, you'll get a few new subraces, classes, and prestige classes to play with in the OC. I understand they'll be available from the start; you don't have to complete the game once to unlock them. I wouldn't get MotB now in your shoes; by the time you finish the OC, it's quite likely to have dropped in price.
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