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October 1st, 2007, 17:45
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
PS3 is way too new for emulation.
And vastly more difficult to emulate on PC because of the unique hardware in the PS3. To top that off, the PS3 hardware specs are probably a closely-held secret at Sony's because it's ont of their flag-ship technologies. By the time usable emulation software is available on the PC, PS3 will largely be irrelevant and people will be excited about the upcoming PS5 launch.

Even Microsoft's and Sony's own emulation of the Xbox and PS2 respectively isn't 100% and always stable…

Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
Its pretty clear imho. Its a myth that only console games can be played from couch using big screens.
I'm not sure if anybody claimed that in this thread. It certainly wasn't my intention. In fact, I've thought of hooking my PC up to my 37" LCD TV. However, the argument still is that the consoles handle easier from a livingroom couch, as they've been designed for it from the ground up. From start-up time to user interface, to the new specialized and integrated online components most consoles offer nowadays (Xbox Live, PS Online, etc.) from a generalized auto-patching system, friend list, game invites, gamer score/achievements, web integration, demo/video/movie downloads and purchases, control with a remote, etc. it can't be denied it's been more optimized for the livingroom and has added value over what the PC currently offers.

It stands without saying that, technically, all that is possible on PC, but less convenient and not marketed to the PC. But that is still beside the point.

P.S. I can't begin to think about what kind of horsepower would be needed to emulate PS3 of Xbox 360 on PC… yikes.
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