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October 2nd, 2007, 15:27

By the way, in my usual idiom of playing through Chapter I several times with different builds, I finally found one that I really enjoy.

I tried a few tanks, which acquit themselves OK in fights (although some are still quite challenging, due to the resistances and magical attacks of your foes), but are not much fun in dialogs. Then I tried a few glass cannons, which are OK in dialogs and would be awesome for buffing and artillery if you had someone to buff or hold back the vermin. (I also don't enjoy playing spellcasters in D&D cRPG's much; things become very fussy especially in hardcore mode and especially due to the limitations of the AI -- some people like it, but I don't.)

Then I tried a divine spellcaster or two. Not much fun either: they're handicapped both as melee fighters and as spellcasters; the challenge really is such that you need someone who's very good at what they do.

Then I discovered… the Bard/Red Dragon Disciple.

You get all the socially relevant skills needed -- Diplomacy, Taunt, Bluff, Lore, Spellcraft --, some very useful resistances and special abilities, the draconic ability scores go a long way to offsetting the melee handicap she has compared to a pure tank-type, and she has enough bard to have some very nice buffs that make up fo the rest -- the inspirations and Haste in particular. I chose the Medium Armor and Battle Caster feats, plus some specializations in the greatsword -- focus, improved critical, power critical -- which almost close the rest of the "fighter gap" (with a vanilla fighter anyway). And I made Tumble one of my main skills, which adds a few more points to AC.

Bottom line: I've got someone who can hold her own in a fight almost as well as a pure fighter, gets all the nice dialog options, and has a small but surprisingly useful selection of magic to play with too.

IOW, just like a Spellsword, only more so.
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