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October 2nd, 2007, 15:52
Hmm, here are some tips for playing ap ure arcane caster without a tank:

Use Energy Immunity. Make yourself (and any party members) immune to fire, and unleash hell. Emp'd Delayed Blast Fireballs are nasty, if you take ASoC, you can cast them maxed as well. Make yousefl immune to fire, and cast one on yourself. As soon as the enemies get close - BOOM. Then pop a quickened greater fireburst (make sure any companions are fire-immune as well), follow that up with an emp'd/max'd Greater Fireburst, or perhaps a meteor swarm. As long as your party is immune to fire, you can unleash hell with impunity on hardcore mode.

Also, make sure you have premonition on. The Red Wizard you get at the start should be able to cast this on herslef as well, it's divination; she has conjuration and illusion banned I think. Use your spell mantles against enemy casters.

Another trick is to quicken a True Strike (level 1 spell which gives you +20 to hit for 9 seconds) and then follow it up with two polar rays (you can get 2 in the 9 seconds if you quicken the true strike), you could even use empowered polar rays if you're an ASoC. Polar Ray has no save, and does 1D6 per caster level up to a max of 25D6.

Make sure you have premonition up at all times, and don't let it run out. If it runs out, you could cast a quickened stoneskin, or quickened greater stoneskin if you're an ASoC (I'm going to love ASoC I think); the DR from that will make it easier to get the premonition up again - less damage taken means lower concentration DC.

Keep those key defensive buffs up, know which spells and spell/meta magic combos to use to damage specific foes; and you should be fine without a tank for a bit. From what I hear they didn't make the early fights too hard. Once you get Kaelyn the Dove, she should be able to tank acceptably.
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