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October 2nd, 2007, 20:13
Handhelds are like kickball, in a way. You wont see many (if any) adults playing it, but you know that some do (adult kickball leagues!), and youve perhaps read online or heard otherwise of adults playing kickball. There are no (municipal) codes against adults playing kickball. Chances are however, that you will never actually see the phenomenon of adults playing kickball in the park. If you did, no matter whether youre pro or con kickball, you'd probably think they looked kinda silly. In society, adults play soccer, they play football, they play baseball. They play croquet. They by and large dont play kickball.

Handhelds are the kickball of the gaming world. I have only seen them in the hands of children. Granted that I am not some omnipresent being, yet my anecdotal evidence is of them being pretty much used to mollify children in backseats, shopping centers, doctor's offices, government buildings, grammas house, etc. Ive never seen an adult play one, and I seriously wonder if I ever will.

That says something to me, I'm not quite sure what. It might say that adults would rather go home and play their 3 thousand dollar computer system, or console, or something of that nature instead of messing around with a substandard (ie kids) unit. It may whisper to me that if a guy got seen playing a handheld in a bar or coffee shop some night, his chances of ever being considered cool by the female sex (or male for that matter) in said establishment would be zero. If he didnt get his ass outright kicked. It very nervously may say to me that once a guy found himself having a conversation in line in the supermarket with a 7 year old about whether part 1 or 2 was better, he'd see the worried faces of adults around him, and just walk outside and leap in front of a bus. Theyd interview the kid, there'd be a huge writeup in the paper, people would cut it out and laugh in the office about it, and he'd be forever remembered as the Crash Bandicoot of San Diego.
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