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October 2nd, 2007, 21:30
@Badesmofu; All good tips. I regularly make use of the fire immunity/blast all enemies with empowered fireball technique, plus all the buffs, plus not playing on Hardcore( ) Thanks for the info on Polar Ray/True strike, though--I love the spells with no saves and that sounds like a devious combo. What is this ASoC you mention? New prestige class for a sorc??(*drools slightly*)
EDIT-I looked it up-Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep-- at NWN2Vault's FAQ--looks awesome.

@Prime J: Bard with a great sword is definitely taking the game to a whole new level. I enjoy playing Bard when I have my own rolled party. It does indeed have all the dialogue skills, charisma and incredible buffs. If only you could disarm traps--(you get the Knock spell so you can open locks)--there'd be no need for a rogue. That always bugged me--you're supposed to be a jack of all trades, but you can't jigger a lock or figure out a trap mechanism. The Red Dragon Disciple is great to take bard to tankable levels--never tried it myself as my Bard was only around for the Icewind Dales, but it definitely raised Deekin's stock with me in HotU. Some of the Bard songs are just over the top powerful, plus you can get almost any dialogue option.( One of the reasons I play sorc is the charisma base since you can't relegate dialogue to NPC's.)

Another tankable casting class is druid, which I used and enjoyed for the two chapters I lasted in my NWN OC playthrough, and with the two new druid prestige classes in MotB, that's looking like a possibility also.

@Maylander: Thanks for not spoiling too much. That explained the situation clearly. I don't mind a little bit of spoilage, but some do.
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