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October 3rd, 2007, 03:07
i downloaded it an hour or two ago and have been playing it since. it is awesome wicked, and at aprrox. 13 dollars you can't go wrong. i didn't really have high hopes for it at all either. but so far it slays two worlds, blood magic, and silverfall demos that i've played within the last year. the graphics are very detailed and atmospheric. the music is superb. the voice acting…well lets not talk about that but the gameplay oh man this is exactly what i want from a action/hack&slash rpg. i'm playing the hunter which means bows and guns, because we all know its more fun to kill zombies, werewolfs etc with things that go boom. the skill system is similar to diablo, titan quest, dungeon siege but maybe not as detailed. the item crafting is unique and a wonderful innovation. items can get worn and broken but instead of tossing them or selling them for pennies you can use regular items in the crafting system. want to make your gun last longer (more durable) combine it with an old shield and slap down a fee (which by the way can be reducing by tossing in either a healing or mana potion) and you have a longer lasting boomstick. sometimes there's a trade of as in adding a sword to another sword increases the damage but also lowers its durabilty.

its a solo player but after the first level you get two summons (can use one at any time) that are a hulking golem and a flying pee shooter. whats nice is they can be summoned or sent away at any time and if they ever die you can revive them with a special scroll that costs a decent amount. but for the few minutes i've played with the golem its awesome at smaking around werewolves that pop from hiding in bushes. there's no spawning in the game and each level actually has a finite amount of enemies that when all are gone you get an extra stat point. what's also nice about the summons is they too level up with use so i imagine sticking to one has its benifits which would only seem to come in to play with the mage class as that would be your hybrid class.

get this game, or at least play the demo if it ever is released!

there seems to be a free trial on the website
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