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October 3rd, 2007, 06:02
Prime Junta: Yes, I've heard the game becoems a bit easier if you craft yourself some sweet gear. With all those static bonuses, it sounds like going for Perfect Two Weapon Fighting is the way to go for melee types. 6D8 worht of elemental damage on every attack is going to outdo getting your Strength bonus applied at 150% from going with a 2Her. I'll probably have to rebuild my Teifling Fighter accordingly, the requirement for PTWF is apparently 25 Dex. I just got her to 19 gor greater TWF.

Magerette: Yeah, I like spells without saves as well. Rogues and their evasion hax really ruin my day. As well as Polar Ray, keep Ice Storm in mind, it also has no save. Horrid Wilting is a fort save rather than a ref save, and all the bigby spells are fort saves as well (and they're evocation, so if you've got evocation focuses to increase your DCs, they benefit).

I was messing around with builds in Vordan's Hero Creator the other day, and have concluded that it's wisest to go for a character who starts with 20 Cha. Max Cha at every oppurtunity, get a nymph cloak +8 (or the highest you can possibly get) and then probably take Great Charisma for your epic feats. The 'epic spells' look pretty shitty to me - I mean they'd be great as level 9 spells, but if you can only cast each one once per day - forget it. Hellball for 40D6 damage which damages my party? I can cast an empowered horrid wilting for 150% of 20D6 which doesn't hit my party, doesn't cost me an epic feat, also ignores evasion (being a fort save); and i can cast it 7 times a day. Mass Fowl? Only affects weak enemies anyway - I hate spells like this, they only ever affect enemies that would be trivial anyway. If it's weak enough to be affected, it's weak enough to fail it's save against one of my damage spells. If I can only cast them once a day, cost me an epic feat, and require massive amounts of Spellcraft then they should practically be IWIN buttons. I'm not really thrilled by the implementation of Epic Magic. The PnP system is really very cool, it's a shame they couldn't find a way to implement something more like it. Shame there's no contingencies, time stops, spell sequencers either. Oh well, at least we have Shadow Simularcum. I haven't heard anything about it works in the game though.

The ASoC - I love it. I can't wait to play it. It's going to allow us to do some really cool stuff, especially us Sorcs. It lets us quicken level 6 spells, which, crucially, allows us to quicken a Greater Stoneskin/Etheral Viasage. That's a great 'oh shit' button to have. It can be very hard to get defenses up when someone is hitting you for 40-50 damage per hit, those concentration checks become impossible. An instant 20 DR means you have a chance to get other spells firing. Empower can be used on Horrid Wilting - nice. Maximise can be used on Delayed Blast Fireball - sick. It also means quickened greater firebursts will be level 8 slots, not level 9 slots. Alternating between Quickened Greater Firebursts and empowered/maximised ones allows you to pump out massive damage when you have a people beating on you.

Another piece of advice is to take Etheral Visage instead of Greater Stoneskin once you have access to Premonition. Greater Stoneskin is rendered entirely obsolete by Premonition. Etheral Visage has no cap to how much it can absorb, so it's great when lots of mediocre enemies are hitting on you. Even if there're 20 of them, no amount of damage will break the Etheral Visage. It also provides 25% concealment, and immunity to level 0-2 spells. The downside is that it's 20/magic DR rather than 20/adamantine (which means that +1 weapons ignore it) and it only lasts 6 seconds/level.

Another nice spell I recently discovered is Elemental Sheild. It's only a level 4 spell, so the opportunity cost for taking it isn't much. It does Level + 1D6 fire damage to anyone who makes a succesful melee attack against you. Succesful is defined as any attack which damages you. The spell also provides 50% immunity to fire and cold damage. So the trick is to get just the right amount of DR on yourself so that your enemies can damage you, but only just. That way they kill themselves before they can kill you, haha! The main reason why there is a point to this, though, is that the damage has no save, and ignores Spell Resistence! That means it damages things like Iron Golems; which can otherwise be a real PITA for an Arcane caster. It combines very well with Etheral Visage in a lot of cases, you can kill huge packs of dire animals without lifting a finger.
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