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October 3rd, 2007, 18:50
@JDR--did you notice you can control the camera with WASD or the mouse? The point and click action actually has a little more function than some games of this type--you can use the terrain and being maneuverable really helps--but then I don't like using WASD for movement. The camera view is pretty typical for action rpgs, same as Diablo, Titan Quest, etc and there was none of that annoying 'can't see what's coming next' as in Silverfall--if there's an ambush, it's on purpose-- so it wasn't a problem for me.

Icefire has a good point about the skill system though. It's very limited.

It's a very linear game, but I think well done in a lot of choices--no constant respawning grind, not too much loot. not too much red-sauce swilling, not too easy, not too hard. It's not the game of the century, for sure, but it's fun for what it is.
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