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Question Question regarding the story

October 3rd, 2007, 18:42
A very interesting preview, Dhruin - my hopes are quite high for this release and I'd also like to ask a simple (though perhaps long-winded) question about your experiences, if I may.

First, a little background about myself. I basically play games for their stories, which means that I mostly care little about fancy graphics, for example - the aspect that most recent RPGs seem to be focused on. I'm sad to say, that, in my opinion, there hasn't been a half-decent mainstream RPG released in the last 5 years or so, except for maybe V:TM Bloodlines. Oblivion? I admired Oblivion for the eyecandy but found the main quest trite and clichéd. NWN2? NWN2 was an utter failure from my point of view, mostly due to the horrible bugs and the general unfinished feel to it. Some of my favourite games are the likes of PS:T and the BG and Fallout series.

So with this in mind I ask you - is there any real depth to The Witcher? Having morally ambiguous choices might not be enough - should having interesting choices with distinct consequences not be a given in any real RPG? Merely having choices does not necessarily a great story make… Are the characters unique and memorable, does the player actually CARE what happens to Geralt and the people surrounding him? Most of the previews so far have been focused on the allegedly revolutionary combat system and the aforementioned choices - however, very little has been said about the actual plot of the game. I do not require spoilers, I merely ask for your personal assessment - how would you rate the story so far? Can it stand up to classics like the old Black Isle games or is The Witcher another hack and slash slugfest?

Thank you!




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