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October 3rd, 2007, 20:03
Aside from the fact that I just simply like buying the boxed product, and am even occasionally sucker enough to buy so-called "collectors editions", I actually have more practical reasons.

For one thing, I've had horrible problems with Steam. I think Steam knows I hated it from day one when I bought HL2 (collectors edition, no less, I have NO idea why) and has now decided to hate me in return. I suppose that's fair.

Additionally, there are my concerns about being able to play the games 10+ years down the line, something I do quite often. That issue, is, of course, not eliminated by physical media when factoring in optical media wear-and-tear or outright aging, the possibility of drives or systems no longer supporting the copy protection, etc., but I feel (for whatever that's worth) the odds are somewhat better with physical media. At least the variables are more in my control than trusting a third-party.

Third, digital download games tend to be more problematic with modding, especially modding where modding was not intended by the game authors. Since I adore modding, whether I do it myself or enjoy the fruits of other's labors, this is a major factor for me.

So I only buy games through digital download when I have no other option, which fortunately for me has only been one game ever: Mount & Blade. I even waited until Sam & Max was released on physical media despite the fact that I've so wanted to play it ever since it came out (being a big fan of the classic title).
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I really don't get the whole "The company is gonna disappear" argument. You have to protect your physical purchases yourself, so having to protect your digital purchases yourself is going to be just the same. Why does everyone assume that the companies selling you the software is responsible for archiving *your* data.
That's valid but only when concerning the download itself. The problem is many of these services require online activation. Yes, some claim those elements will someday be removed via patch, but I frankly don't trust those claims.
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