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October 3rd, 2007, 20:38
Well, I voted for Boxed Copy. I live in a *very* rural area and can't get broadband of any kind (I'd have to chop down 15 trees to even get satellite internet)…and the next place I live will be even more remote.

I've downloaded over half a dozen 1.5-2 gig demos recently, and regularly download huge patches and mods, some of them taking upwards of 100 HOURS of download time to get. That doesn't mean I enjoy it though, I'm just stubborn (and love GetRight).

When I can order a copy of a game from Amazon and use the free shipping and *still* get it long before I'd be able to finish a digital download of the same game…that makes my choice fairly obvious.

If I had a broadband connection though, I'd choose digital download *IF* and only *IF* they included a good quality manual in pdf or some other format (for the games that require it…which most decent RPG's do).
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