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October 3rd, 2007, 21:05
Originally Posted by Chekote View Post
If you burned a DVD/CD then yes, that would be pointless. But why on earth would you do that? My setup is:

Primary Internal HDD: Stores OS & installed applications
Secondary Internal HDD: Stores *all* Data and downloaded software installers
External HDD: Is an exact mirror of my Secondary Internal HDD and is stored at my in-laws house incase my house is burgled / burns down.

I can guarantee you that that setup is far better than having DVD/CD's with your software on, regardless of whether those DVD/CD's were purchased at a retail store or burned from downloaded software. Someone can always come in and steal your stuff, or your house can catch on fire etc.

Using anything other than a HDD for backup is ridiculous in this day and age.
I believe you are missing the point entirely.

Having back ups of the download is all fine and well but what if the only edition requires activation and the company is no longer around? Your 3 backups are now useless as you can't activate it upon installation. Boxed media normally does not require this activation.

Also those who can't get broadband (still many millions of houses that can not get any type of broadband)

I would much rather get a boxed copy.




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