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October 3rd, 2007, 21:32
I too prefer boxed, but think that digital downloads are an excellent idea and really do like having that option.

The advantage of a boxed copy is that I get a manual to read, and I'll always have a copy of the game at hand. I like having a printed manual to read on the couch or elsewhere, and I enjoy knowing that my game discs are safe and I'll be able to install the software whenever I want and I don't have to fuss with backups, physical or otherwise. And I don't see the point in a non-physical back-up, external HD or not. I do not trust technology enough for that!
Plus, a boxed copy does give one artwork and whatnot which can be nice.

Digital's main advantage is instant gratification. I buy about 95% of my games on-line, since there is no decent local source, and with digital it's only a download away rather than waiting for mail delivery.

But I like knowing where my games are, where I can see them, knowing the discs are safely stored and organised. Digital downloads are too intangible. Although I do much prefer having the option to not install off of discs.

So all in all, both work for me, I prefer boxed, but both have great advantages.
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