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October 4th, 2007, 00:47
Good preview. Many rpg's have tried to get the player to be interactive in the story in which player choices affect the story but with very rare exceptions it leads to a binary (or close to binary) system in which choices are extremely limited and none of the choices are ones I would make.

For example, give weapons to the insurgents or to the authorities? That's a good setup but before I would make such a choice I would want a good amount of information on my choices; rpg's almost always give such little information that I don't feel comfortable (in a rpg sense) giving the weapons to either group but I'm forced to make a decision. Being forced into an unrealistic decision takes me away from the suspension of disbelief and make the player-choice aspect a negative instead of a positive.

I'm hoping The Witcher handles this reasonably well by giving me enough information to make a choice; enough doesn't mean all of the info, just a decent amount of info so I'm not making what seems like a random choice.

The Witcher looks like it'll be a good game regardless of how it handles that rpg issue I mention. I'm looking forward to it.
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