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October 4th, 2007, 02:01
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Digital download for me. It's usually faster and cheaper than retail here in Australia…
Boxed for me for the exact opposite reasons . Here in Europe shipping is very fast and you will often get games before the street date when ordering from online retailers. I buy UK versions most of the time which are often cheaper than German versions and thus also a lot cheaper than digital downloads. To get uncensored versions of some games (like MoH: Aiborne) it is required even to order from the net (I bought that game from an Austrian retailer for example) since you can't find some games in German (online) stores at all.
I also like it with boxed copies that you can quickly install a game from the DVD if/when you feel like it. I do have a pretty fast Internet connection but even with a 6MBit line it will sometimes take hours to download a modern ~4GB+ game. That sucks when you have one of those "Must. Play. This. Game. Now." moments .

Steam is comparatively expensive and Steam has censorship so I only use it very rarely for buying games that are a) not censored, b) relatively cheap and c) hard to find in stores and d) English language versions.

Other download services are for me (as a German) completely unattractive or not even an option because the local download providers over here usually only sell localized German versions (no thanks) and international download services often don't accept German/Euro customers or offer games that will not work with the official retail patches which is unacceptable IMHO.

I have absolutely nothing against DD but the things I mentioned (especially price and censorship or adult verification) need to be addressed before I would consider using it more.
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