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October 4th, 2007, 07:25
Thanks Dhruin, I've been waiting all week for your preview!

I like everything I've heard so far… and THRILLED that a game finally has captured the Gothic feel with ambient NPC activity. I know we haven't seen part two of your review yet, but still I'm thinking this will finally be the game that is on par with Gothic in terms of sheer enjoyment for me.

Your description of the exploring and world design sounds exactly like Fable - would that be an accurate comparison? If so, that would be excellent imho.. Fable was a refreshing change from the go anywhere type games like Gothic and Morrowind. I'm the type of person that leaves no stone unturned if given the opportunity, so total free roam games turn out to be months long projects for me, sometimes never finishing at all (in the case of Morrowind).
I will be much happier if I have enough to do in a location that it feels 'complete,' and yet little enough that I can proceed with the story and feel like I'm progressing beyond the lackluster accomplishment of finding yet another wooden spoon in a chest somewhere.

Had this game on pre-order for a while. Can you tell I'm excited?
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