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October 4th, 2007, 09:29
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Thanks for the comments.
@GhanBuriGhan, check out the screen of the local map for one location. It's nothing like Gothic in that sense - closer to KotOR but that's too harsh. I'd say the Trade Quarter of Vizima is about the size of Khorinis in Gothic 2 or the scaled 3D equivalent of a BG2 map (that's a very rough sense). They aren't huge locations but they are big enough to wander without feeling *too* restricted. I'd say straight-up exploration is relatively weaker than Gothic: loading, smaller maps, map notations give away important spots and no hidden stuff that I've noticed.

It's not as walled in as KotOR but you can't jump, so you can't get over small barriers like fences or through dense bush and if the terrain is uneven, you sometimes need to stay near the path. I understand you can (eventually) use the world map for travel (in some fashion, anyway) but so far the areas are connected: walk through the gate from the outskirts into the city, go through another gate to the harbour area, talk to the boatman to take a skiff to the swamp islands. Ultimately, it's something like BG2/NWN2 etc.
Thank you. I had hoped for somewhat larger areas and more exploration, but it's fair enough I guess.
No jumping - that's something I honestly hate, a real pet peeve. Here's my superhero monsterslayer running around in a detailed 3D world, but he has to walk AROUND a foot high chicken fence… But while I think its a lamentable design decision, it is obviously not important enough to damn a game for.
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